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Aviator Sunglasses In Moncks Corner SC Cater To People Who Wear Sunglasses On The Beach

Are you into the latest style of designer sunglasses in Moncks Corner SC? Sometimes the classic aviator sunglass look is the best way to go. Keeping your shades simple and clean, proves that you are calm, cool, and collected, it also states that you are a person who places eye health first.

When you are seeking the right sunglasses to wear on the beach you need to make sure they are manufactured to protect you from the sun.

Here’s an interesting fact, the aviator look believe it or not, according to Wikipedia, originally began in 1936, by Bausch and Lomb, these shades were used to protect pilots who flew planes.

If there is no UV protection in your shields, then you need to put them down and grab a pair of UV designer Ray-Ban sunglasses at Southern Shades in Moncks Corner SC.

If you are looking for designer sunglasses with an aviator appeal for a lower price, then head to Southern Shades in North Charleston for all of your shade and frame needs.

Our expert sunglass staff offers optimal customer service.

We understand that it is hard to make up your mind when it comes to making a decision about purchasing the best sunglasses on the beach.

Choose from the following brands, including plenty more:
Ray-Ban (aviators)
Maui Jim
Under Armour
Tory Burch

Every person is unique and so is their size, we help you find sunglasses that fit well with your face, in fact, we fit them-just for you.
Drop by the Moncks Corner SC location, and walk out with plenty of pairs, you’ll be able to gift your whole family, and remember, you won’t go broke, because at Southern Shades in North Charleston, we offer designer shades that are completely affordable. Come in today for a warm and cool experience or give us a call.